A-Team Systems

Is A-Team Systems insured?

Yes, our E&O (errors and omissions) policy covers all work employees and subcontractors perform. Our certificate of liability Insurance is available on request.

What are your hourly rates? Do you offer maintenance and monitoring plans?

We do offer both hourly services and all inclusive maintenance and monitoring plans which offer significant cost savings for regular maintenance tasks. Full details are available on our pricing page.

Are your engineers HIPAA certified? Will you sign a BAA?

Yes and yes: Our engineers are HIPAA privacy and HIPAA security trained and certified at least every 2 years and we'll sign a standard BAA.

I’m interested in your services, what is the first step?

In most cases we recommend an assessment of your server(s) where we run through a comprehensive list of checks and get a general feel for your setup. This takes about 30 minutes per server. We compile our findings into an easy to understand report for your review and spend an additional hour going over this report with you. During this meeting we’ll discuss any issues we discovered and come up with a plan to keep things secure and running smoothly. Contact us now to get started!

Support Services

My hosting company offers monitoring services, how are your plans different?

Most ISPs and MSPs provide only basic monitoring, sometimes not even checking to see if your site is actually functional. A-Team Systems provides a comprehensive, proactive and ever evolving level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Be sure to see our maintenance and monitoring page for more details.

Our plans also include keeping your server up to date and secured, something almost no ISP does.

Lastly, we act as your advocate by ensuring your hosting company and other vendors are meeting their commitments and your expectations.

What OSes / operating systems do you support?

FreeBSD and Linux, with CentOS being our preferred Linux distro. We do support RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Ubuntu, and Debian as well.

How do you perform your work? Do you offer on-site services?

We use a variety of remote access and VPN technologies to manage your servers remotely, leveraging your hosting provider’s on-site technicians as needed for hardware issues. We generally do not provide on-site service ourselves.

Virtualization and The Cloud

Do you support cloud servers or virtual machines?

Yes, cloud servers (virtual machines/VMs) need just as much attention as native or bare-metal servers, and we have extensive experience with VMware, KVM, Xen, Bhyve and other virtualization technologies.

Do you do offer P2V or V2P services?

Yes, we offer quick and easy options for converting your existing physical server into a VM or cloud server (i.e. P2V) or the reverse when you need the performance of native hardware.