A-Team Cluster: Reliability At Any Scale

Two servers or two dozen: A-Team Cluster delivers flexibility and scaling without sacrificing performance.
Eliminate server anxiety: focus on your business knowing it’s 100% monitored and maintained by our professional team.

server cluster features

Fast &

Bare metal performance that scales horizontally: just add servers to expand your capacity.
Overflow is automatically directed to idle servers.

self healing disk, server, and datacenter outages

Self Healing Resilience

Automatically works around failures at the disk, server and even datacenter level outages.
Never wake up to an outage again.

security focused firewall support


A private LAN & VPN with front edge proxy/firewalling combined with complete isolation between web applications.

developer friendly vpn access


Easy VPN access with a single account for SSH, FTP, MySQL, even web apps. Separate dev and staging environments with one command deployments.

End down time worries today!

We’ll help your team through the process quickly and painlessly.

Server and down-time anxieties?

You’ve outgrown a single self-managed server.

Having a single server (or no redundancy) means that if anything breaks, you’re offline and losing business.

A security incident or disaster could cost you untold revenue and customers.

Easily and affordably transition to our professional managed high-availability cluster architecture and put these worries to bed.

A-Team Cluster Features

Grows With You

Start with just two servers and add more as your needs grow.

High Performance

Native servers with our stack provide the ultimate in performance with no exorbitant per-cycle cloud-style pricing or loss of performance due to other clients in your cloud.

Low Cost, High Return Scaling

See how easy server scaling can be! Add web and database servers as demand increases. Because scaling happens horizontally (ie; adding more servers) our clients can pick the best value servers while increasing redundancy.

High Availability

Redundancy is built into every level of the design, without the need for expensive proprietary hardware firewalls or load balancers.

Mutli-Datacenter Location Redundancy

Take reliability to the next level with the ability to scale across multiple datacenter locations seamlessly.

Effortless Replication

Back-end servers replicate their data, configurations and code automatically with full multi-directional change pushing. Changes only need to be made in one place and all servers are automatically kept in sync. This works at the server and even inter-datacenter level.

One Command Deployments

We include our highly flexible deployment system which lets your developers deploy code with just a single command.

Secure Private Network Architecture

A fortified private network for your back-end database and application servers, with only dedicated load-balancing firewall servers exposed to the internet. Hackers can’t get in and DoS attacks are thwarted at the gate.

Complete Site Isolation

Each application or site runs in its own protected memory and application pool. A compromised site cannot affect others or gain system access.

VPN for Seamless Remote Access

VPN links for your office and/or workstations give your team secure access to the private network. It’s as if you were sitting right next to the servers!

Private Cloud Hypervisor(s)

Consolidate low-resource tasks and run anything you need to, including Windows, without additional hardware cost.

Dev & Staging Environments

Development and staging environments separated from production lets your team focus on creating the next best thing and ensures the smoothest deployments.

One Account

Each member of your team gets one login for everything: SSH, SFTP, MySQL, and even web applications. Forget having to remember different passwords for different servers and services. Everything is centrally managed, complete with an easy to use user self-service interface.

Hosted Where You Want

For the ultimate in reliability and peace of mind we recommend our hosting partner LiquidWeb, however we're more than happy to work with your preferred provider. You get the same great service from us regardless.