Production Service Levels

A-Team offers three levels of service: Essentials, Standard, and Enterprise (see our Support and Management Plans). The service level determines your available support channels and our response times for a specific severity incident.

Essentials Standard Enterprise
Coverage hours Standard Support Hours1 Standard Support Hours1
24×7 On-Call Paging for Site Down &
Severity 1 and 2 Tickets2
Patching hours Extended Support Hours1
Support channels Phone, web ticket, and screen share
Response times Initial and ongoing Initial and ongoing Initial and ongoing
Severity 1 1 business day 1 business hour 1 hour2
Severity 2 2 business hours 2 hours2
Severity 3 4 business hours
Severity 4 2 business days 1 business day
Per Instance Pricing
Per server, host, or instance. Volume pricing available for 100 instances or more.
Integrated Management & Security
Streamlined Support Entitlement

Incident Severity Definitions

A-Team Systems uses a four level severity scale when classifying issues or requests, ranging from one (most severe) to four (least severe).

When contacting support we ask you to pick the appropriate severity level for your issue. By doing so you confirm that:

Severity 1 – Critical

The issue has a critical organizational impact with severe loss or degradation of services or data in a production environment. The issue prevents critical organizational operations from continuing and no work around exists.

Severity 2 – High

The issue has a moderate organizational impact with loss or degradation of services or data in a production environment. Critical organizational operations can continue with a temporary workaround.

Severity 3 – Medium

The issue has a minimal or partial impact to your organization with minor disruption of service and/or inconsequential loss of data in a production environment. For non-production environments the issue is preventing you from deploying to production.

Severity 4 – Low

This is a a question or request for advice. For production environment issues there is little or minimal impact on your organization or system performance. For non-production environment issues there is medium impact but a temporary workaround allows your organization to continue to function.

1 Our Extended and Standard Support Hours are defined on the Hours & Holidays page and are suspended for any posted holidays.

2 24×7 coverage is provided for Severity 1 and 2 incidents which trigger an automated page out or where 24×7 coverage is specifically requested when opening the incident via the phone.