Complete Server Maintenance & Monitoring



Our streamlined update process keeps your servers continuously up to date while minimizing risk of a patch breaking your sites or applications.



We perform constant sweeps of your servers internally and externally to ensure no unauthorized changes or access occur.



A-Team is ready to work with your datacenter provider or on-location staff in any situation, routine or emergency.



Hardware, software, web and deep application: Our proactive monitoring means the best uptime and availability for you.

We offer affordable fixed-fee maintenance and monitoring plans that take the worry out of your infrastructure.

Take the first step towards complete peace of mind!

Save Money,
Gain Peace of Mind

Our cost-saving fixed-fee maintenance and monitoring packages (ServerCare and EnterpriseCare) cover all routine work to pro-actively ensure your servers are secure, performing great and up to date. All maintenance and monitoring packages are available for servers running either FreeBSD or Linux.

What You Get

Complete Server Monitoring

Our monitoring is unrivalled in its completeness and is the key to catching problems before they become down time. Learn more here.

Hardware and Provider Support

Failing disk? Networking issue? Cloud server non-responsive? No problem! Regardless of the location of your server we'll coordinate with the appropriate people and handle everything on your behalf.

Patching and Updates

We keep both your operating system and installed packages up to date. This extends to any WordPress instances and plugins you may have as well.

Intrusion Detection

Hourly scans for changed system files and checks for signs of a compromise.

Need a guaranteed SLA of 30 minutes or less?

Our Enterprise service level has you covered.
It includes priority support day or night.

Next Level Proactive Monitoring

Learn more about what makes our monitoring so special, and how we’re able to spot issues before they become down time.

Below is a high-level summary of the hundreds of checks we continuously run. Most checks are run every minute!

Base System

Software Updates

Monitors your server's operating system and installed packages for any available updates or known security vulnerabilities.

System Resources

Makes sure your server is not running out of RAM, disk space or is overloaded.

System Services

Checks your system's services such as FTP, SSH and HTTP server and makes sure they're running and answering requests.


Performs deep metric monitoring of all popular database systems including: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, Elasticsearch and more!

Log Files

Watches the kernel and log files for problems that may not be normally caught. Makes sure your system is configured correctly and isn't running low on any resources.


Network speeds, fan speed, temperatures, voltages and more: All are checked to spot any variances that may cause issues or indicate a failing component.

Intrusion Detection

Monitors the OS, installed software and configuration files for tampering and unauthorized changes.


External Network Scanning

Watches your external IP address space for any change in open ports, ensuring your firewall is always working and no back doors are open.


Ensures that your server's network ports, cables and connected switch are working correctly.

Mail Black List (RBL)

Scans hundreds of mail black lists, which are used to classify email as spam, and makes sure your server is not listed on them.

Web Application

Interactive Web Checks

When monitoring Apache or NginX we perform deep checks including logging in to an app and simulating user interaction to ensure problems don't go unnoticed.

SSL Certificate & Configuration

Ensures your secure communications are configured correctly and that any SSL certificates issued for your domain are not fraudulent.

Web Malware & Black Listing

Continuous scanning of sites both internally and externally for common malware and search engine manipulation. Also includes search engine and browser blacklist monitoring.

New Relic® Integration

Direct integration with New Relic for APM metrics and even deeper application monitoring.