We support the OSS community in three specific ways: direct financial support, our own software which we’ve opened sourced, and community assistance.

Financial Support

The FreeBSD Foundation

A-Team Systems feels a special connection to FreeBSD as so much of what we do on a daily basis uses it. We have supported the FreeBSD Foundation for years.


We use mfsBSD as a basis for many of our recovery, imaging and remote tools. It is an invaluable tool and we greatly appreciate Martin Matuška's continued efforts with it.


KeePass is an excellent tool we both use and recommend to everyone for securely storing passwords both at work and for personal use.

A-Team OSS

A-Team Software We've Open Sourced

See our software page for the full list of software we've developed and published as open source for everyone to use.

Community Assistance

Our Tech Blog

When we run across a problem which has a particularly difficult-to-find solution we make a point of creating a post in our tech blog so that other admins don't have to spend the time we did finding the solution.

FreeBSD Forums

We're active on the FreeBSD Forums and help people there on a regular basis.

Stack Overflow / Super User

Super User and Stack Overflow are great resources which we contribute answers to as well.