Pay What You Need

Our services are available on an as needed basis, be it an emergency or server assessment and planning.

Hourly Support Rates

Standard Support

$165 / hr

Emergency For Existing Enterprise Clients

$275 / hr

Emergency For Non-Enterprise Clients

$330 / hr

What you get

Our expert administrators will help you with any issue you're having on an as-needed basis, pay for only what you need!

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See our hours page for more information on our standard support hours. Most of our clients opt for one of our ServerCare packages below which waive these rates for all non-emergency routine maintenance:

Maintenance & Monitoring Plans

Our affordable monitoring packages cover all routine work to proactively ensure your servers have the security, stability and performance you need. All packages are offered for servers running either FreeBSD or Linux.

Simple, predictable plans

1 Server + 2 web applications

$100 / month

2 Servers + 3 web applications

$200 / month

3 Servers + 4 web applications

$300 / month

4 - 5 Servers + 5 web applications

$350 / month

6 - 10 Servers + 5 web applications

$400 / month

11 - 20 Servers + 10 web applications

$450 / month

21 - 30 Servers + 10 web applications

$500 / month

31 - 40 Servers + 15 web applications

$550 / month

41 - 50 Servers + 15 web applications

$600 / month

51+ Servers

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What you get

Complete Server Monitoring Our monitoring is unrivalled in its completeness and is the key to catching problems before they become down time. Learn more >

Hardware Support Failing disk? Networking issue? No problem! Regardless of the location of your server we'll coordinate with the appropriate people and handle everything on your behalf. Learn more >

Software Updates We keep both your operating system and installed packages up to date. This extends to any WordPress instances and plugins you may have as well. Learn more >

Intrusion Detection Hourly scans for changed system files and checks for signs of a compromise. Learn more >

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Get all the details about our plans on the Maintenance and Monitoring Plans page.

Pricing is calculated by taking the total number of servers or VMs (ie; a discrete OS install) and seeing where in the above tiers that count falls. You then pay that amount total for all those servers (not per server).

For example: If you had seven servers and wanted them on our ServerCare plan the total cost per month would be $400. If you later added another three (for ten total) you’d still pay $400 per month as you’d still fall in the 6-10 server count tier.

Need a guaranteed response time of 30 minutes or less?

Add Enterprise ServerCare to your package

Get a response time of 30 minutes or less for any issue, 24/7. We’ll also include one incident per month in your package, saving you from additional hourly charges. Enterprise Server Care costs a flat fee of $450 per month, regardless of your monthly package.


Secure Off-Site Backups

We offer worry free software and secure storage for your server’s backups. Protect your organization from accidents and disasters with our fully managed system.

Up to 20 GiB

$10 / month

Up to 75 GiB

$25 / month

Up to 200 GiB

$50 / month

Server Support Retainers

Save money with our monthly retainer plans and get priority guaranteed availability with our engineers. Perfect for keeping costs predictable for tasks not included in our maintenance and monitoring plans.

10 hours

$1,600 / mo.

20 hours

$3,200 / mo.

30 hours

$4,650 / mo.


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