Payments for subscriptions: You agree that payment for the A-Team Productions, LLC subscription must be made to us in U.S. Dollars paid either by major credit or debit card, or a through an ACH bank transfer for the subscription amount on the agreed day each month for the term that service is provided by A-Team Productions, LLC. You also agree to pay the stated pro-rated amount for the period between this day and the agreed billing day.

Automatic Renewal. When the term of this Agreement renews pursuant to its “evergreen” clause (reference where to find the evergreen clause) for any subscription paid for by credit card or ACH bank transfer, such subscription shall automatically renew at the expiration of the then-current term for an additional term of the same duration (as the previous term) and at the then-current subscription rate. Automatic renewal applies to all subscriptions purchased by credit card or through ACH bank transfers and all subscriptions in force as of such date if we contact you to obtain the credit card information in order to facilitate automatic renewal. This automatic renewal feature allows your service to remain uninterrupted at the expiration of your then-current term.

Termination of Automatic Renewal. If you wish to turn off auto-renewal, you must log on to your Chargify account and manually turn off auto-renewal in your owner dashboard, at any time prior to expiration of the then-current term. Upon any such turning off auto-renewal, your subscription will remain active through the expiration of your then-current subscription term; however, your subscription will not be automatically renewed upon the expiration of your then current term. If your subscription does not auto-renew or expires at the end of your then current subscription term and you desire to renew your subscription, you will be required to pay the then current subscription rate and any cost associated with setting up your new subscription. If you do not turn off auto-renewal and you continue to use our subscription service, you re-affirm and authorize us to charge your credit card at the end of each subscription term for an additional term of the same duration as the initial term and at the then-current subscription rate for the same product or service.

If the product or service that you last purchased has changed in any way or is no longer offered, you agree and authorize us to charge your credit card at the renewal of your subscription term for a product or service that is the most similar, as determined by us, to the product or service that you previously purchased, even if the price of such product or service is not the same of the prior product or service that you purchased. You agree to be responsible for any such charges, and we reserve the right to obtain payment directly from you if necessary.

If you wish to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card, you must turn off auto-renewal for your subscription before it renews. If you wish to change your credit card to be charged or if your credit card information otherwise changes, you must update your billing information in Chargify.

If you have any questions or concerns you can open a support ticket at or call us a +1 877-883-1394.