Integrated Management and Security

Our proactive support and management plan is designed to keep your Linux and FreeBSD systems running smoothly, securely, and efficiently. We understand that your business depends on the reliability and performance of your Linux and FreeBSD infrastructure. Our IMS service lets us anticipate and address your needs before they become problems.

Effortlessly stay ahead of security threats with regular updates. We manage patches and updates to keep your systems secure and efficient without disrupting your operations. We deliver proactive security strategies to safeguard your data and infrastructure against emerging threats to servers, container hosts, and runtime environments like Docker containers.

We offer three different Service Levels (SLAs), which you can mix and match, allowing you to pick the right SLA for each instance or server. See our Service Levels map for the specific features and response times for each SLA.

Our Integrated Management & Security plans feature:

Phone & Ticket Support Channels
Pick what works best for each situation.
  Patching & Updates
Know your systems are up-to-date and secure.
Screen Share Troubleshooting
Real time solutions.
Our engineers ensure your servers are always 100%.
Operating System Support
CentOS, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, FreeBSD, and FreeNAS.
  Pro-Active Problem Resolution
We resolve issues before they’re downtime.
Complete Infrastructure Support
Web, application, DB, containers, authentication, and more.
  Intrusion Detection
Detect unauthorized or accidental changes.
24×7 Response
Complete coverage for your critical infrastructure.
  Web & Firewall Scanning
External network and server-side malware scanning.
3rd Party Vendor Coordination
Cut resolution times through direct collaboration.
  Blacklist Monitoring
Catch undetected web threats and misclassifications.
1 – Available with Standard and Enterprise SLAs only.
2 – Available with Enterprise SLAs only.


Looking for Pricing?

Save Money,
Gain Peace of Mind

Leverage our decades of experience: Stop worrying about patching and security scanning. Offload routine maintenance and know it’s getting done professionally. Know you’re lined up with best practice and security standards.

Our support and management plans are available for servers running both Linux and FreeBSD.

IMS Plan Cost Calculator

Customize your organization’s support package, tailored to exactly what you need. For instance counts of 50 and above please contact us for volume pricing.

See our Service Levels map for the specific features and response times with each SLA (Essentials, Standard, Enterprise).

Our most inexpensive plan, perfect for keeping development, standing, and other non-critical instances 100%.
Balanced cost and faster response time, the starting point for production infrastructure.
Ultimate support plan with the best response time and the ability to request 24×7 support. Recommended for critical production environments.
Add ITAR/NIST 800-171 compliance services.
Have your server(s) internally and externally scanned by our 3rd party industry leading scanning suite, including delivering a monthly report of any issues found. Perfect for compliance, verifying you’re secure, and proof of due diligence. Built in no-cost monthly remediation of issues discovered on covered infrastructure (does not include code or custom applications of any kind).
Estimated Monthly Cost

Our affordable fixed-fee support and management plans take the worry out of your infrastructure.

Take the first step towards complete peace of mind!