Complete Linux Server Security Review


System Security Sweep

We ensure that your Linux servers’ firewall, operating system, kernel, and software are up to date and secured against vulnerabilities.


Malware & Attack Scanning

Full web and server scanning is performed to make sure your system or website hasn’t been hacked, infected with malware or blacklisted.



Complete scanning for underlying hardware or virtual issues such as storage problems, overheating, pre-failure conditions and more.


& Plan

We’ll review our assessment report with you, answer any questions you have and help you come up with a plan to resolve any issues.

Linux Security Concerns?

Stop worrying about your Linux servers now!

Our Linux security assessment checks your servers and sites from top to bottom, front to back to ensure they’re not compromised and there are no hidden back doors.

When finished we present you with a comprehensive report on our findings that we review line-by-line with you, then develop a plan to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

These assessment reports summarize the state of your server(s) for quick viewing so you can easily distribute and review our findings with your team as well.

linux security assessments for servers

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