Legacy PHP 5.6, Latest FreeBSD

Don’t let legacy code keep you on an unsupported operating system!

A-Team Systems has been working with FreeBSD for over 25 years, including building legacy PHP 5.6 repositories for our customers.

We understand that legacy PHP 5.6 applications may be cost prohibitive or otherwise impossible to replace or rewrite. Our PHP 5.6 package repository allows you to keep your underlying FreeBSD OS as well as non-dependency packages fully updated while continuing to run your PHP 5.6 web applications.

We provide FreeBSD PHP 5.6 repositories for the following versions of FreeBSD:

  • FreeBSD 12.2 (end of life)
  • FreeBSD 12.3 (end of life)
  • FreeBSD 12.4
  • FreeBSD 13.0 (end of life)
  • FreeBSD 13.1 (end of life)
  • FreeBSD 13.2

Overall we are FreeBSD support specialists and this includes keeping customers with legacy PHP 5.6 code running. To us FreeBSD is not just another bullet item — it’s our preferred OS and the foundation we build our solutions on!

PHP 5.6 running under FreeBSD 13.1
A-Team Systems’ PHP 5.6 Packages running on FreeBSD 13.1

A-Team Systems' FreeBSD PHP 5.6 repositories are available as an add on to our FreeBSD Support Plans. Pricing is calculated based on install base.

PHP 5.6 Package Repository for FreeBSD

1 Server/Instance

$75 / month

2 Servers/Instances

$125 / month

3-5 Servers/Instances

$175 / month

6-10 Servers/Instances

$225 / month

Larger Plans Available!

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What You Get

Continue Running PHP 5.6 There are many business reasons why organizations continue to run PHP 5.6 applications, we're here to help.

Stay Updated and Patched Legacy code won't prevent you from staying on supported versions of FreeBSD and keeping non-dependent packages updated.

No Extra Work For You A-Team Systems handles everything including adapting and including new dependent packages as needed. We ensure continuous harmonization between the current OS and packages, the legacy PHP 5.6 packages, and their dependencies.

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PHP 5.6 Repository Details

Does the repository provide all or some packages?

The PHP 5.6 repository is delivered as an overlay over your existing repository so that as many packages as possible can continue being updated. However as time goes on more packages may need to be added to the overlay and thus rolled back in version/time. This may lead to increased security vulnerabilities.

Is there a guarantee this will continue working?

The repositories themselves are guaranteed to be operational however there may come a time where so many changes have occurred that we must pivot to a complete rollback repository (vs. an overlay) or instruct customers to freeze updates. While we don't anticipate this happening it is always a possibility.

What happens if there is a freeze?

The repository will continue to work but no updates will be possible via the overlay or an underling repository due to breakage. To be clear this will not break your application, just that software package updates must be frozen.

If this occurs A-Team Systems can help further isolate the PHP code to provide maximum security.

What is required to use the repository aside from the subscription?

The server(s) or instance(s) using the PHP 5.6 repository must be under a current A-Team Systems Integrated Management & Security plan.

Integration time will be needed on A-Team's side to setup the overlay and it's packages for your use case.

Are security and other fixes back-ported?

No. The PHP 5.6 packages are built as they were in 2018 quarter 4, which was the last available release under FreeBSD. No changes are made to the PHP 5.6 packages or any others which must be held back.