off-site backups and disaster planning

Ultra Secure

Backup files are fully encrypted before being sent, transferred securely, and finally locked against reading or writing by the source server to prevent a potential attacker from accessing them. Our backup solution is so secure it is HIPAA compliant.

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Our backups are self healing and will automatically resume if interrupted. We also continuously monitor your backups for problems and will take action when needed pro-actively.

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Unlimited Storage

There are no hard limits to run into that can cause your backups to fail unexpectedly1. By default we offer four weeks of retention with daily backups, but can accommodate any schedule and retention requirements.

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Once an initial backup is taken we only transfer changed files. Deleted files are rolled off automatically based on retention. This eliminates duplicate data being sent, reducing your cost and resource consumption.

1 Subject to fair use limitations, typically in under 10 TiB per server.

Fastest Restore Speeds

Over 10x the speed of Amazon S3, even on their good days.

Our off-site backup storage is hosted at one of the largest telecommunication hubs in the United States and connected to the Internet at Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

Not fast enough? We’ll copy your backup archives onto external hard drives and FedEx overnight them to your server’s restore location.

Disaster Planning

Our off-site backup service is a complete turn-key disaster recovery system including a disaster recovery plan (DRP) tailored to your organization’s hosted servers which includes detailed procedures, roles and responsibilities between your team and ours.

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Be prepared for any disaster situation with our complimentary 15+ page disaster recovery plan (DRP), customized to your servers and needs.

Pricing is calculated by analyzing overall usage after retention trimming. A-Team Systems can help you estimate your required storage and pick the best plan!

Off-Site Backup Pricing

Virtual / Cloud Instance

$35 / month

Physical Server

$60 / month

Custom Plans Available!

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What You Get

Effortless Peace of Mind A-Team Systems handles everything for you, including making sure that backups are running and re-trying them again if there is a problem.

Secure At All Times Our system meets even the strictest requirements and is encrypted on disk, encrypted in transit (SSL) and locked against tampering after the fact.

Fast Restore Speeds Ready quickly if you need, we can stream a restore at up to 1,000 Mbps (125 MiB/sec) to wherever it needs to go.

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