Security+ MDR

This add-on to our Integrated Management and Security plans1 brings next-generation security and systems engineer supervision to your critical environments.

As an MDR solution (Managed Detection and Response), this provides continuous monitoring, detection, and response to potential security threats. Specialized software and our engineers quickly identify and mitigate security incidents to minimize the impact of a breach, all without dedicated in-house security staff.

Security+ MDR gives you turn-key technical compliance2 for infrastructure handling sensitive information or is subject to regulatory controls, including personal information (PII), healthcare records (HIPAA/ePHI), credit card payments (PCI), SOC, FedRAMP, or NIST 800.171.

Review the table below to see the specific features we offer for your operating system of choice:


Available for 18.04 LTS and above.
RedHat, CentOS, Rocky Linux, and Debian
Available for all supported versions.
Available for 12.4, 13.2, and 14.0.
Ubuntu Pro + ESM
Faster security patches and twice the LTS support lifespan (10 years).
Runtime & Container Security
Lock down known-good app behavior, block the bad.
Extended detection and response (XDR) automatically contains threats.
Security information and event management (SIEM) /w unlimited retention.
Intrusion detection system (IDS) monitors system and configuration files for tampering.
Server Hardening and SCA
Continuous security configuration assessments (SCA).
Monthly Security Scans
Deep network security and best practice scans, includes remediation time.
3rd Party Scan Remediation
Covers remediation actions from ASV and other third parties.
Monthly Firewall Reviews
Engineers review and sign off on all firewall rules.
Log Reviews
Review of logs and anomaly reports by our engineers3.
Per server, container host, or instance. Volume pricing starts at 100 instances.
Price is in addition to Integrated Management and Security plan costs.
1 – Available with agreements that include Standard and Enterprise SLAs.
2 – Pricing for A-Team compliance services includes just the technical implementation aspect of regulatory compliance. Additional costs and services are required to fully implement formal program components such as policy, procedure, controls, and attestation. A-Team Systems is here to help, including building a program from the ground up.
3 – Performed during Standard Support Hours excluding holidays.


Turn Regulatory Challenges
Into Peace of Mind

Offload the burden of compliance tasks to our seasoned professionals. Stop worrying about scans and audits. Know you’re secure and compliant with A-Team Systems.