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Linux Support

Covering everything from PHP to MySQL, Apache to NginX: we’re Linux server experts with decades of experience from small servers to high-volume web sites.

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FreeBSD Support

We have been building reliable and secure solutions with FreeBSD since version 1.0 and are active FreeBSD community and FreeBSD foundation supporters.

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Flexible Support Plans

Reduce cost, offload routine tasks, and increase your team’s productivity with our fixed fee support and management plans. Mix and match SLAs across devices.

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Availability & Scaling

Stop worrying about the future, upgrade to our secure scaling platform, and make downtime a thing of the past. From two servers to dozens, our systems grow with you.

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Off-Site Backups

Fully managed, high-security backups are ready when you need them. Protect your organization from disaster with our reliable, fully managed backup system.

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Our services’ pricing is in one location for quick and easy review, including hourly rates, monitoring plans, off-site backup storage, and retainer packages.

Professional Service You Can Rely On 24/7/365

Solving problems before they happen, keeping you running when they do.

Everything we do is centered around ensuring our clients can safely rely on us and their infrastructure night and day.

Our secure and reliable systems give you the most important feature: Peace of mind.

We're ready to help right now!

Take the next step towards the solution.

Latest News

Convert RedHat to CentOS And Save Money Today!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Discussing how to convert RedHat to CentOS has been an increasingly common topic with IBM’s acquisition of RedHat. Many organizations are reviewing their RedHat agreements and asking themselves what they get from their RedHat licensing and support dollars. RHEL resellers are also concerned that their biggest competitor and RedHat reseller (IBM) is now in complete… Read more »

Disaster Planning & Overnight FedEx Added To Our Off-Site Backup Service

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A-Team Systems is excited to announce two excellent improvements to our off-site backup service! Not only does our service outperform Amazon S3 by over 4x, we now offer more than just backup storage and operations. These additions advance our off-site backup service into a full fledged disaster recovery system. Disaster Planning We now include full… Read more »

Tech Blog

Gitlab Project Access Token “You are not allowed to download code from this project.”

Thursday, January 11, 2024

We ran into an issue where a Gitlab Project Access Token simply would not work when trying to clone a repository it definitely had permission to, it would report this error: You are not allowed to download code from this project. It turns out that Project Access Tokens in a private repository will not work… Read more »

Understanding NginX’s sendfile Parameter and Its Implications with NFS

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

In the world of web servers, NginX has emerged as a robust, high-performance option, powering some of the most trafficked sites on the internet. It’s praised for its scalability and its myriad of features, which allow for fine-tuned optimization. One such feature is the sendfile directive, a parameter within NginX’s configuration that can significantly affect… Read more »

ZFS failed to read pad2 area of primary vdev

Friday, September 8, 2023

There are number of issues that can lead to this error when trying to boot a FreeBSD server with ZFS as root / zroot: ZFS failed to read pad2 area of primary vdev There can be a few reasons for this error, but check these in order: “Phantom” Pool: Make sure you haven’t added any… Read more »

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Discover how we’ve been helping organizations unlock the power of open source software for over a decade.

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Answers to questions including details on our liability insurance, how we work and software that we support.

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