A-Team Systems is proud to help the FreeBSD Foundation in once again exceeding it’s fundraising goal for 2012!

FreeBSD Foundation DonationsAs long time supporters of FreeBSD it’s great to see FreeBSD gaining traction with large companies using FreeBSD both internally and as the basis of their high performance products.

Chances are you have or are using FreeBSD technology without even knowing it, companies like Netscaler, Juniper and NetApp all use FreeBSD or portions of FreeBSD technology in their products and are giving back to the community.

FreeBSD’s BSD license allows everyone to incorporate it’s cutting edge features and leverage it’s high performance and stability into it’s products.  Along those lines, A-Team Systems is currently developing an “instant FreeBSD cluster” solution which blends the best open source software, A-Team tools and FreeBSD to create a high availability, elastic, cloud-like web and application service cluster — all with a fixed fee deployment cost!  A-Team will be announcing more details and availability at the start of Q4 2013.

Here is to another prosperous year for FreeBSD!