FreeBSD 11 was formally released last month and we’re very excited to start rolling it out to our clients in the coming weeks. FreeBSD 11.0 brings a host of new features and improvements including:

  • Improved BHyve: BHyve is FreeBSD’s type-2 native hypervisor which boots virtually any FreeBSD and Linux version and now includes a native graphics driver and supports running Windows as a guest for unrivaled flexibility.
  • OpenSSL upgrade: Base OpenSSL library has been upgraded to 1.0.2j.
  • Improved drivers: Built-in driver support has been updated, notably to include native support for newer network and hardware RAID cards.
  • ZFSd: A special system daemon which manages ZFS hot spares.
  • Improved NFS: Elimination of a number of limits and unnecessary throttling to enhance performance.
  • Jail Resource Controls: Integrating RACCT and RCTL into the GENERIC kernel which eliminates the need to build custom kernels for hypervisor/jail servers.
  • POSIX asynchronous I/O: Asynchronous I/O operations on sockets, local files and disks are now built into the GENERIC kernel.

A-Team’s new standard FreeBSD deployment

A-Team Systems has been extensively testing both FreeBSD 11 and the upgrade procedure for bringing this to all servers we manage. We’re planning to have everyone upgraded by early December, well ahead of the FreeBSD 10.1 end of life date (December 31, 2016).