A-Team Systems is excited to announce two excellent improvements to our off-site backup service!

Not only does our service outperform Amazon S3 by over 4x, we now offer more than just backup storage and operations. These additions advance our off-site backup service into a full fledged disaster recovery system.

Disaster Planning

We now include full disaster recovery planning for all backup clients, including a 15+ page Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that is individually tailored to their needs and priorities. This document serves as a reference for understanding how backups and restores function, what conditions are considered an emergency and details the specific steps need to be taking in the event of an incident. The DRP ensures both our clients and A-Team are prepared to recovery from a disaster as quickly as possible.

Hard Drive Shipment

To further decrease restore times for large data backups we now also include the ability to copy a client’s backups onto external hard disks and have them FedEx overnighted to the restore location. When backup sizes stretch into the terabytes this can mean the different between a restore taking a day instead of a week even with the best speeds over the internet.