A-Team Systems proudly announces another addition to its maintenance and monitoring plans: continuously scanning all of our client’s public-facing infrastructure for open network ports as well as being listed on mail RBLs (real-time blackhole lists).

Server Scanning

One off port scanning when a system is put into place is normal practice for systems and network administrators, but configurations are constantly changing and being updated.

A-Team’s around the clock port scanning ensures that your public-facing infrastructure such as web servers, proxies and firewalls are always properly secured and protecting your critical back end services (such as databases). This is also a key aspect to PCI compliance, and lets you know that the only things open to the public are things you want to be.

Spam RBLs

Real time block lists or RBLs help reduce spam by advising other mail servers about your IP addresses’ “reputation”. All too commonly though this reputation was inherited from the IP’s previous owner (especially common at hosting companies) which may or may have been spamming. Staying off RBLs ensures your servers’ emails get to their intended destination and are not filtered or routed to a spam folder.

If you’re an existing monitoring customer there is no action to take, all public IPs on servers that A-Team monitors are automatically covered and continuously checked. If you’re not yet a customer now is the time to contact us, this is just another example of how we offer an unparalleled level of monitoring and peace of mind to our clients!