Secure, smart and easy:
How off-site backups should be!

Off-site backups are a critical part of properly managing colocated or locally hosted servers. Any kind of backup makes good business sense for many reasons — for example, they keep you running after accidentally deleting a file or a server compromise. However, off-site backups are key to mitigating against geographically-specific disasters and problems as well. For leased/colocated servers, off-site backups also provide you with an “out” in the event of a business dispute with, or negligence on the part of, the hosting provider.

Off-site Backup Features

Expanding our offerings further, A-Team Systems announces its latest service: secure off-site backup storage. Designed to integrate seamlessly with our native backup tools, this gives 100% set-and-forget peace of mind to our clients while providing the utmost reliability and security:

  • Strong encryption: Backups are created as GnuPG encrypted volumes with 4096 bit keys and transmitted via SSL encrypted tunnels to our servers.
  • Compromised server protection: Once stored on our servers, backup files are locked so even the client server itself cannot access or remove them in the event of a compromise.
  • Monitored: As part of our monitoring packages we ensure daily backups are running and completed.
  • Intelligent Retention: By default we recommend daily differential and weekly full backups with two weeks of retention. Differential backups ensure integrity and provide and extra layer of redundancy in the event of a failure or error.
  • Verified, redundant storage: All backups are stored on ZFS volumes which ensure that data is written properly to the disk and can automatically be recovered if there are errors.

Best of all, unlike almost every other provider, there are no hard limits — so if your backups start to run over your allocation, they don’t fail.

Review our secure off-site backup storage pricing and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!